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Sheet Mask 101

Sheet Mask 101

Hello, beauties, and welcome back to the blog!

Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart…sheet masks!

If you’ve spent any time browsing K-beauty blogs or websites (or visited any brick and mortar Korean cosmetics stores), then you already know that sheet masks are absolutely everywhere. There are sheet masks for every skin type and every skin problem, and there are sheet masks featuring just about every trendy or popular ingredient on the market.

But what’s the big deal about sheet masks?

Sheet Mask 101

The concept of a sheet mask is very simple. Sheet masks are actual sheets of fabric—usually cotton but sometimes silk, microfiber, or other material—cut to fit the face and saturated with a cream or liquid serum.

Meant to be worn for at least 10-15 minutes on a clean face, the mask forms a physical barrier that keeps the serum from evaporating into the air instead of going into your skin. At the same time, the way the serum keeps skin damp also enables skin to absorb more product. What this adds up to is a convenient and powerful facial treatment that you can do every day!

The main functions of any sheet mask are to deeply hydrate skin, but the best of the bunch also contain potent active ingredients and botanical extracts to fully customize your facial experience. Sheet masks can firm aging skin, brighten up dullness and dark spots, and even clarify pores for a fresher complexion.

For best results, use a sheet mask immediately before the moisturizer step of your skincare routine. Once you remove the mask, pat in any leftover essence—don’t rinse unless the package instructions say to! Then lock in the hydration and beneficial ingredients with your favorite cream or sleeping pack. Use sheet masks as often as you like. Some people reserve them for a special treat, but others keep a big stash on hand and sheet mask every night!

Other Types of Sheet Mask

Fabric sheet masks aren’t the only game in town. The relentlessly innovative Korean cosmetics industry has developed advancements on the original sheet mask concept. Among those advancements, some of the most interesting are:

  • Hydrogel masks: Adapted from technology originally used to aid in burn healing, hydrogel masks use a soft, clingy gel material instead of fabric. The gel molds perfectly to facial contours, tightly sealing serum against skin. Hydrogel masks also provide a cooling effect that’s great for soothing irritation.
  • Natural material masks: Taking advantage of the natural antioxidants and other beneficial compounds in natural materials, Korean beauty brands have begun using all-natural materials like sea kelp to produce masks that are great for skin all the way through. 
  • Foil masks: Made of a soft fabric inner layer and a foil outer layer, foil masks hold in even more of the mask serum than regular sheet masks do, thanks to the impermeable nature of the foil layer. The foil also holds heat close to skin, warming it to further increase absorption.

Ready to find your perfect mask or to build your stash? Head over to our sheet mask section. New products are added all the time, so don’t forget to check back later! And if you’d like even more ways to discover new sheet masks, pay a visit to Sheet Happens. We’re partnering with this EU-based sheet mask subscription box service to bring you the most exciting new releases in K-beauty!

Until next time, happy masking!


Kay Beauty

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