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What's So Great About Double Cleansing?

What's So Great About Double Cleansing?


Hello lovelies! It’s Kay Beauty, resident skincare addict and KBeauty lover here, bringing you another info-packed blog post to help you with your skincare needs!

Today we’re going to tackle the topic of double-cleansing, the practice of cleansing your face twice -- once with an oil-based cleanser, and once with a foaming cleanser. Double cleansing is integral to the KBeauty skincare routine, and you’ll find that it comes with multiple skin benefits.

Step 1: The Oil Cleanse

Did you know that most water-based cleansers aren’t formulated to remove makeup? Most makeup (and many sunscreens) are designed to be water-resistant, and can’t be scrubbed off with a standard foaming cleanser without using extremely harsh surfactants that dry out your skin. The solution? Oil cleansing.

The idea is that oil dissolves oil. An oil cleanser melts makeup, dirt, and excess sebum without stripping the water content of your skin. In the KBeauty world, most oil-based cleansers are formulated with emulsifiers, meaning that they rinse off cleanly with water, no washcloths or flannels required!

An oil cleanser can come in oil or balm form. They work essentially the same way, except that an oil cleanser is runnier and a balm cleanser is more solid. Both melt away makeup and impurities and rinse off, leaving you with clean, makeup-free skin.

Because of its ability to dissolve impurities, you might find that oil cleansing reduces pore clogging, promoting clearer, smoother skin.

Some of my favorite oil and balm cleansers include:

A by Bom Ultra Watery Eoseongcho Cleanser

Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi Cleansing Oil

Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil


Step 2: The Foaming Cleanse

In the KBeauty skincare regimen, the role of the second cleanse is simply to remove any residue or dirt left over from your oil cleanser, leaving your skin ready to absorb subsequent products. Because the oil cleanse does the heavy lifting in terms of removing dirt and makeup, the foaming cleanser can be very, very gentle.

In fact, it’s of utmost importance that you choose a very gentle cleanser, so as not to strip your skin of moisture. After all, preserving a healthy moisture barrier is essential to getting the plump, dewy, moisturized skin so prized in Korea. Because our skin is at its optimal health at a slightly-acidic pH of about 5.5, choosing a low-pH cleanser is the gentlest and best for naturally healthy skin.

Some of my favorite gentle cleansers include:

Cosrx Low-pH Good Morning Cleanser

Wish Formula Enzyme Washing Powder Jelly Cleanser

Of course, the double cleanse isn’t set in stone. If you haven’t worn makeup all day, or you just need a refresher in the morning, feel free to just do the second cleanse with a gentle cleanser. And some people like to remove makeup with a cleansing cream, or a cleansing water, instead of an oil. The important thing, and the key to the double cleanse, is that you’re thoroughly removing all makeup and dirt, without drying your skin out.


I’ll be back next week to bring you some more useful skincare tips! Let me know if you have any questions you’d like to have answered!




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